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Update March 13th

2 Jahre

With today's update we added a copy trader page, which contains basic information about this new system.

As always, we also deployed a lot of other smaller improvements and changes. Here is the full changelog:

  • Added badge to mobile UI when there are unread notifications.
  • Bumped withdrawal fee to 0.0015 BTC because of the increased Bitcoin network fees.
  • Upgraded Bitcoin daemon to the newest version.
  • Outgoing transactions are now RBF (replace-by-fee) ready.
  • Added warning text to the copy dialog, when it is possible to run out funds.
  • Changed the way shared trade and trader lists are ordered.
  • Made the 1Broker logo an actual link instead of using an onclick handler.
  • Added profit/loss percentage to position close notification for shared trades.
  • Trading idea page (shared trade) now shows if Trailing Stop Loss is enabled.
  • Links in comments are now clickable.
  • Added a throttle to AJAX poll if the internet connection is weak.
  • Fixed paging issues when navigating back/forward with the web browser in certain components.
  • Added a basic future rollover system. (More updates coming soon)
  • Dozens of minor UI fixes and improvements.

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