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Future Rollovers - Update March 27th

1 Jahr

With today's update we added an automatic future rollover system. All FUTURE CFD orders and positions will be automatically "rolled over" to the next contract on our rollover dates. This means that the entry, limit, stop entry, stop loss and take profit prices are adjusted for the price difference on that day.

We also deployed a lot of other smaller improvements and changes. Here is the full changelog

  • Completely redesigned trading idea page.
  • It is now possible to edit copy trader settings without having to stop and start copying again.
  • Added automatic rollover for future markets like OILWTI.
  • Introduced the new contract types “STOCK” and “FUTURE”.
  • Fixed issues when entering an empty search query.
  • Comments on trades are now sorted in ascending order. (Oldest comment at the top)
  • Added dialog for stock markets where dividend dates are shown.
  • Added dialog for future markets where rollover dates are shown.
  • Added an error message when trying to copy a trader that you’re already copying.
  • A popup now warns if local (cached) files have a different version than our back-end API which lead to broken components in the past. It also offers a “Update files now” functionality.
  • Fixed a bug where open public trades were labelled as closed.
  • Fixed a bug where uncopied closed trades were shown to be a copy of themselves.
  • Allow to set a copy limit of one trade per day. Former minimum was five trades per day.
  • Fixed a bug where order creation was blocked because of using a decimal number in the profit/loss calculator.
  • Removed copy_of flag from orders since positions can no longer be manually copied (API)
  • Capitalized all letters for market/categories return (API)
  • Added STOCK and FUTURE as market types (API)

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