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1gox.com name vote.

1 Jahr

Our name choice for the new trading platform, 1gox.com, caused a lot of emotional responses and uproar in our community. Although we anticipated that the term "gox" would be controversial, we did not expect such intense reactions.

For those that do not know the history associated with the name: In February 2014 the most popular Bitcoin exchange at the time, MtGox, declared bankruptcy which is probably one of the most infamous incidents in Bitcoin-history. Many Bitcoin investors suffered losses that day - including a member of 1Broker’s dev-team.

We understand your concerns and want to sincerely apologize to all who thought this was a joke in bad taste; especially to those who suffered a loss back then.

While it may have started out as snarky working title meant to remind us of what to avoid at all costs, it simply became a short and catchy name on its own after working on this new venture for several weeks. Admittedly, it lead to controversy within our team as well but it caught on and a majority is now in favor of keeping it.

Nevertheless, we value your opinion and will not use a name for our new platform that a majority of our community dislikes. Therefore all 1Broker members who registered before May 29th, 2017 can vote on this. Voting will end on Friday June 9th, 2017 at 5:00 p.m (New York time).

This vote will be decided by a simple majority and is binding.

We would love to free the 3-letter combination “gox” from its negative connotation by building a great and reliable product on top of it. If you do not like 1gox as a name, please keep in mind that it is just a name and does not reflect any ill-willed intentions. It is simply supposed to be a short and memorable name.

We encourage you to voice your opinion and we look forward to the results.

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