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Update July 24th

1 Jahr

New Copy Trader reward model

Based on the feedback we received during the past months, we improved one of the most important aspects of our copy trader system: The reward and fee model. In the past a trader received a part of the spread when his/her trades were copied - similar to our referral system. Unfortunately, this created an incentive to open multiple low-quality short-term trades. Our new system only rewards traders if a shared trade is closed in profit. Take a look at our updated Copy Trader page for more information.

Negative balance protection

Earlier this year Germany’s financial regulator “BaFin” started to force CFD brokers to protect their clients from negative account balances. Negative account balances can happen when highly leveraged trades are held in very volatile markets. We welcome this decision, because it protects clients from unexpected debt and, although we are not regulated by the “BaFin”, we implemented such a protection on 1Broker as well. From now on, all negative account balances are reset to 0 on the first day of each month.


Additional changes

  • Traders who are inactive for more than 3 months, lose all copiers.
  • Traders with a hidden profile are no longer listed on the popular/successful traders page.
  • Added API methods and documentation to start/edit/stop copying someone.
  • Increased space between buttons in mobile sidebar.
  • Switched to candlestick charts as the default option instead of line charts.
  • Fixed timezone issues in profile statistics (Wrong months in performance chart).
  • Fixed whitespace issues around charts.
  • Dozens of back-end related updates to improve the uptime and stability of the platform.

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