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Future Rollovers - Update March 27th

12 Monate

With today's update we added an automatic future rollover system. All FUTURE CFD orders and positions will be automatically "rolled over" to the next contract on our rollover dates. This means that the entry, limit, stop entry, stop loss and take profit prices are adjusted for the price difference on that day.

We also deployed a lot of other smaller improvements and changes. Here is the full changelog

  • Completely redesigned trading idea page.
  • It is now possible to edit copy trader settings without having to stop and start copying again.
  • Added automatic rollover for future markets like OILWTI.
  • Introduced the new contract types “STOCK” and “FUTURE”.
  • Fixed issues when entering an empty search query.
  • Comments on trades are now sorted in ascending order. (Oldest comment at the top)
  • Added dialog for stock markets where dividend dates are shown.
  • Added dialog for future markets where rollover dates are shown.
  • Added an error message when trying to copy a trader that you’re already copying.
  • A popup now warns if local (cached) files have a different version than our back-end API which lead to broken components in the past. It also offers a “Update files now” functionality.
  • Fixed a bug where open public trades were labelled as closed.
  • Fixed a bug where uncopied closed trades were shown to be a copy of themselves.
  • Allow to set a copy limit of one trade per day. Former minimum was five trades per day.
  • Fixed a bug where order creation was blocked because of using a decimal number in the profit/loss calculator.
  • Removed copy_of flag from orders since positions can no longer be manually copied (API)
  • Capitalized all letters for market/categories return (API)
  • Added STOCK and FUTURE as market types (API)

Bitcoin forking?

12 Monate

1Broker takes no sides in the ongoing blocksize debate.

However, with the rise of Bitcoin Unlimited hashing power, the unthinkable might happen in the foreseeable future: A (controversial) fork of the Bitcoin blockchain. This has serious implications for end users and especially businesses and exchanges. That said, we think it’s necessary to define our action plan for such a fork beforehand. In this blog post we want to answer some common questions we have received:


What is a fork of Bitcoin?

In short, a fork is a permanent divergence in the blockchain that occurs when nodes follow different consensus rules. By observing the Bitcoin community, the most likely event that causes a fork is when Bitcoin Unlimited miners produce a block with a size of over 1 MB. This instantly leads to network split, since Bitcoin Core nodes will not accept such a block. A few hours later some transactions will exist in one blockchain, but not in the other one. While this sounds like a minor problem Bitcoin will effectively split into two separate currencies then. Depending on the Bitcoin node you run, you can't be sure if your incoming and outgoing transactions are valid in the competing blockchain anymore.


What are the implications when holding Bitcoin on 1Broker during a fork?

When a fork happens, we will instantly disable deposits and withdrawals, force-close all open BTCUSD positions and disable trading on the BTC/USD market. We reserve the right the freeze our BTC/USD market if there is a high chance of an imminent fork. Trading on all other markets will not be halted and will remain active as usual. Since 1Broker has no multi-currency support (yet), we have to decide which new base currency to support. It will take at least 2 days but not more than 3 weeks until this decision will be announced. Our decision will be based on economic factors like market capitalization, community support and the actions of other businesses.

After that we will activate deposits and withdrawals again on the next upcoming Friday at 5:00 pm (New York time). At the same time (Friday at 5:00 pm (New York time)) we will calculate the net worth of every account and set up a parallel withdraw-only platform, where users can withdraw their funds to the competing blockchain. This second platform will remain active for at least two months.

If you disagree with our action plan or want to stay as flexible as possible, please withdraw your funds before a fork happens. Due to the size of our community WE WILL NOT MAKE ANY USER-SPECIFIC EXCEPTIONS.


Will clients lose funds when a fork happens?

In terms of the Bitcoin you own, no funds will be lost. If both currencies survive you can even withdraw and spend your funds twice.

It is not possible to predict if the combined spot price of the new currencies is higher or lower than the Bitcoin price before the fork. This means that, expressed in USD for example, nobody can predict if your Bitcoin holdings would rise or fall in value. This will be decided by the free market.


Is a fork an attack on Bitcoin?

No. The consensus rules can be changed with enough mining power and economic support. Unfortunately, the Bitcoin community split apart some years ago because of the ongoing blocksize debate. Both communities have wealthy backers, powerful mining pools and a significant amount of people supporting them. We can't predict which of them can hold over 50% of the mining power in the long-term, but it's expected that a fork will quickly show the outcome. It will be the first time that investors can “decide” which currency is valued higher; mining power will quickly follow the higher valuated blockchain.


Is it possible that Bitcoin forks smoothly with enough time to prepare?

Yes, it's possible that Bitcoin Unlimited miners announce a hard fork beforehand to avoid any surprises. Observing the two competing communities it is, however, very unlikely that this process does not end in two separate currencies with a significant market capitalization. While a hard fork can be smooth and announced in advance a difficult situation is unavoidable.

When could a fork happen?

At the time of writing this blog post Bitcoin Unlimited supporting mining pools have a combined hashing power of 33.1%. Once this value reaches 50% a fork becomes a realistic scenario. While there are no plans to perform a hard fork immediately after reaching the majority power, there are potential attack vectors against the rest of the miners which could lead to a very “rough” and dangerous fork.

For the sake of Bitcoin, we hope that Bitcoin Unlimited mining pools at least announce the date for the attempted hard fork and configure their nodes properly.


Is this the death of Bitcoin?

No. Bitcoin has by far the largest community, acceptance and market capitalization. All stakeholders are interested in a long-term success of this currency and even if a fork happens it will survive this controversial phase. There is no danger that your funds get lost or that someone can spend them without your consent.

We will add this action plan to our Terms of Service next week and keep you updated on this topic. If you have any questions or concerns please contact us.

Update March 13th

1 Jahr

With today's update we added a copy trader page, which contains basic information about this new system.

As always, we also deployed a lot of other smaller improvements and changes. Here is the full changelog:

  • Added badge to mobile UI when there are unread notifications.
  • Bumped withdrawal fee to 0.0015 BTC because of the increased Bitcoin network fees.
  • Upgraded Bitcoin daemon to the newest version.
  • Outgoing transactions are now RBF (replace-by-fee) ready.
  • Added warning text to the copy dialog, when it is possible to run out funds.
  • Changed the way shared trade and trader lists are ordered.
  • Made the 1Broker logo an actual link instead of using an onclick handler.
  • Added profit/loss percentage to position close notification for shared trades.
  • Trading idea page (shared trade) now shows if Trailing Stop Loss is enabled.
  • Links in comments are now clickable.
  • Added a throttle to AJAX poll if the internet connection is weak.
  • Fixed paging issues when navigating back/forward with the web browser in certain components.
  • Added a basic future rollover system. (More updates coming soon)
  • Dozens of minor UI fixes and improvements.

Snap, Inc. IPO

1 Jahr

Snap Inc. is an American multinational technology and social media company, founded on September 16, 2011 by Evan Spiegel and Bobby Murphy and based in Venice, Los Angeles. Its products include Snapchat and Spectacles, as well as the Bitmoji app.

The company is going public today and it is expected to be the biggest tech IPO since Alibaba in 2014. You can trade it on 1Broker under the symbol SNAP.

Happy trading!

A new era begins

1 Jahr

Over the past year we have constantly added new features to make our platform a more social place where people can share and discuss their trades. We have collected a lot of information and received extremely helpful feedback from the community. With today’s update we made some drastic improvements to our platform:

Automatically copy traders

It is no longer possible to copy individual trading ideas. Instead we switched to a user-based system where traders can be automatically copied with a fixed amount. We are extremely excited about this change since it allows successful users to build a stable followership easier than ever before. By utilizing our traditional reward system for copied trades you can efficiently monetize your knowledge and experience.


A beautiful new profile page

Obviously the profile page is one of the most important things for a social trading platform. With this in mind, we put a lot of love and time into a complete redesign. With the help of beautiful charts it now gives an insight into the trader’s monthly performance, followership and trading style. A custom profile picture and an “about me” text makes it possible to present yourself to your potential copiers.


Notification system

Our new notification system will always keep you up-to-date. Important events like when someone copies you or a deposit gets credited to your account will be prominently displayed.


BTC/USD and the allocated funds

One of the more frustrating things on our platform is the “All allocated funds are used ...” error message when trying the enter the BTC/USD market; we know! Especially in times of high volatility it is important to know if you can enter the market beforehand. While we cannot fix the root issue (see our previous blog post), we added basic information to the market details page. It shows the percentage of our allocated funds in use.


We also made dozens of minor improvements and fixes with this update. Here is a list of the most noticeable ones:

  • Improved and minimized UI on the support page.
  • It’s now easier to navigate to the own profile page.
  • Hovering a Bitcoin amount with the mouse will now show the full precision amount.
  • Enabled CDN caching for all static pages. This reduces the page loading times by up to 90%.
  • Improved visuals when a comment is deleted.
  • Fixed a bug where nothing is displayed when the own comment is deleted from your trading idea.
  • Moved from HTTP 302 to HTTP 301 redirects to activate browser-level caching.
  • Completely redesigned the landing page of the trading panel.
  • Improved the size of some buttons on mobile devices.
  • Increased maximum AFK detection time from 15 to 30 minutes.
  • Fixed bug where exchange rate toggle button is not displayed on mobile devices.
  • Fixed issue with spinner buttons in currency input fields on Firefox.
  • Renamed “Open Price” to “Entry Price” across the interface for consistency reasons.
  • The “current price” in the HTML title is now properly formatted as a fixed decimal string.
  • Use Math.floor instead of round in UI for currency amounts to avoid mysterious “insufficient funds” error.
  • Multiple performance improvements and cleanup of unused code.


PS: Today Cloudflare announced that they were affected by a serious bug where sensitive information was leaked in some cases. We carefully analyzed the technical details of this issue and can announce that 1Broker was not affected. Nevertheless, this is a good reminder to use secure and unique passwords and to enable two-factor authentication whenever possible. 

Higher Limits!

1 Jahr

We continuously improve the performance of our trading engine and our risk management strategies. This allows us to increase our limits from time to time. With today's update we raised maximums for nearly all markets. We also adapted the overnight financing rates for our BTC/USD market:

  Old New
Maximum 20 BTC 40 BTC
Maximum Leverage 5 10
Financing Costs (Long) 0.1923% 0.2692%
Financing Costs (Short) 0.0962% 0.00%
Forex Tier 1 Maximum 1000 BTC 2000 BTC
Forex Tier 2 Maximum various 1000 BTC
Stock Markets Maximum 300 BTC 500 BTC
Index Markets Maximum 300 BTC 500 BTC
Commodity Markets Maximum 300 BTC 500 BTC
Maximum Leverages    
Gold 50 100
Silver 50 100
OILWTI 20 50


Happy trading!

BTC/USD - A special market

1 Jahr

If you are trading on our BTC/USD market you may have received this error message from time to time: “All of our allocated funds are currently used to hedge existing positions on this market. Please try again later!”
We are aware that there is ongoing speculation and frustration in the community, and we hope that this blog entry gives some insight into why this error appears and what our future plans are.

Hedging BTC/USD positions

You may have noticed that our BTC/USD market is quite “special”. It has a low maximum leverage, a tiny account-maximum of 20 BTC, a high overnight-financing rate and even a different profit/loss formula. There are multiple reasons for this:

  • Compared to our other markets the Bitcoin price is quite volatile and the usual economic theories of inflation and efficient-market hypothesis cannot be applied one-to-one.
  • Our traders are exceptionally optimistic about the Bitcoin price. While the ratio between long and short positions usually approximates 1:1 (906:1000 for the EUR/USD market with ~206k positions) the ratio for BTC/USD positions is stable at 1000:770. This means that there is a constant imbalance of too many long positions which cannot be matched against short positions. This means that hedging those positions efficiently is extremely important.
  • Hedging long positions (even unleveraged ones) works by converting the USD value of the position size to Bitcoin. We can either allocate some of our own Bitcoin reserves and counter long positions (Problem: our reserves are limited) or we “borrow” USD and actually convert them on spot exchanges. (Problems: counterparty risks, interest charges, trading fees)
  • To stay competitive we have to offer an extremely low spread and financing charges which leads to a small overall loss of around 0.1% of the trading volume for us.

The future

With our update on January 13th, we added multiple statistical tools to our backend, which will be used to closely track the activity on this market and to help us finding the right parameters. Depending on the market conditions we will adapt the spread and overnight charges more aggressively and move our revenue from -0.10% to 0.05% of the trading volume. However, we plan to use all of these profits to increase our reserves and to meet the growing demand. While higher fees might be unpleasant, it’s a necessary step to make the BTC/USD market future-proof. Once we are satisfied with the situation we will add more crypto pairs to our platform in the coming months.

New Year - More features!

1 Jahr

Our first update of 2017 includes a lot of new features and improvements. We added an in-page support system and finally optimized the referral system - including a calculation tool and statistics to improve your referral experience!

Here is the complete changelog:

  • Added an in-page support system.
  • Fixed “reset” bug when inserting decimal numbers into input fields.
  • Increased referral reward from 15% to 25%. (Until June 30th 2017)
  • Increased “copy-trade” reward from 15% to 25%. (Until June 30th 2017)
  • Shortened referral link.
  • Added a calculation tool for estimating the rewards on the referral page.
  • Added monthly, 6-month and yearly referral statistics.
  • Added line charts for link clicks, the amount you earned and the accounts created under your referral link. This gives you a detailed insight of your performance.
  • Changed input styling on iOS devices using Safari.
  • Added limit parameter to bars.php which lets you limit your data to a certain amount of values.
  • Added API Call Quota System.
  • Added Heikin Ashi chart type.
  • Added current price to browser title when navigating to market details.
  • Swapped Bid/Ask label positions in the live chart.
  • Newsletters received a completely new unsubscribe system.

The New Referral System

1 Jahr

In the past months we have re-worked and improved several parts of our platform. With our upcoming update on January 6th, we finally optimized one of the most important parts of 1Broker - The referral system. This simple tool is a crucial feature and certainly one of the main reasons for our success over the years. We never imagined that so many people would use this system: In total more than 375 BTC were paid to our affiliates from over 420,000 trades. We hope that this success story will continue throughout 2017.

Have a look at the changes we made:

  • Increased spread share from 15% to 25%. (Until June 30th 2017)
  • Minimized the referral link: 1broker.com/?r=12345 (Please update your old links, they will not work anymore)
  • Added a calculation tool for estimating the rewards on the referral page.
  • Added monthly, 6-month and yearly statistics.
  • Added line charts for link clicks, the amount you earned and the accounts created under your referral link. This gives you a detailed insight of your performance.


We wish you a successful New Year!

Hello Trailing Stop Loss

1 Jahr

With today's update we finally introduced Trailing Stop Loss orders as an additional trading option. Have a look at our Trailing Stop Loss page to see a beautiful simulation of this new order type.

Here is the complete changelog:

  • Improved blog paging system and HTML title.
  • Several improvements for the live chart.
  • Added additional historical chart data that goes back for 10 years.
  • Trailing Stop Loss.
  • Trailing Stop Loss explanation page.
  • We’re storing and showing who deleted a comment from now on.
  • Shortened overnight charge transaction description to fit the PDF paper size.
  • Added indicators (line and circles) to show the current mouse x position in line charts.
  • Dozens of minor UI fixes and improvements.

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