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New Design and even more to come

4 years

Today's update brings a new design for our content-based sites and multiple minor updates.
This only the first of many huge updates coming in the near future.


  • Completely redesigned homepage
  • Replaced 'Dosis' with 'Open Sans' as our headline font
  • Captchas were added on multiple page actions to improve security
  • Simplified navigation bar
  • Added a "Features" page
  • Added a "Risk Warning" page
  • Announcing our new financing costs on our "Fees" page
  • "News" renamed to "Blog" (Blog will get weekly entries in the future)
  • FAQ improvements
  • Huge OOM related code improvements under the hood
  • Multiple security fixes relating to non-critical XSS problems


Next update comes next week :)

Happy trading!

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