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4 years

On Sunday evening our 1000th trader joined us. We want to take this opportunity to thank you all for your trust and feedback. Although this number might appears low, it means a huge responsibility for a start-up like us. (see statistics below) We think that, slow and organic growth is the key to a successful Bitcoin related business. It allows to continuously improve personal and technical security systems and collect experience about cryptocurrencies in general. Since 2009 there were more than 1.000.000 Bitcoins (currently worth 350.000.000$) stolen from countless platforms due to hacks, thefts and frauds. The majority of the hacks resulted from amateurish written software code, not tested enough for production environments. Instead of improving or rewriting code, fast growing businesses are buried with performance issues and customer support. From the beginning our highest priority was to avoid this fate and we strongly advise anyone who intends to start a Bitcoin related business to grow slowly. It really matters!

To keep this blog entry a bit informative here are some insights:

Data from: Launch - October 29th, 2014

Total Volume BTC (Total/Margin) 3,592,682 BTC / 72,344 BTC
Total Amount of Positions 31,075
Long Positions/Short Positions 55.2% / 44.8%
Average Leverage 96.079708
Total BTC Deposited 5,445 BTC


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