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New Year - More features!

2 years

Our first update of 2017 includes a lot of new features and improvements. We added an in-page support system and finally optimized the referral system - including a calculation tool and statistics to improve your referral experience!

Here is the complete changelog:

  • Added an in-page support system.
  • Fixed “reset” bug when inserting decimal numbers into input fields.
  • Increased referral reward from 15% to 25%. (Until June 30th 2017)
  • Increased “copy-trade” reward from 15% to 25%. (Until June 30th 2017)
  • Shortened referral link.
  • Added a calculation tool for estimating the rewards on the referral page.
  • Added monthly, 6-month and yearly referral statistics.
  • Added line charts for link clicks, the amount you earned and the accounts created under your referral link. This gives you a detailed insight of your performance.
  • Changed input styling on iOS devices using Safari.
  • Added limit parameter to bars.php which lets you limit your data to a certain amount of values.
  • Added API Call Quota System.
  • Added Heikin Ashi chart type.
  • Added current price to browser title when navigating to market details.
  • Swapped Bid/Ask label positions in the live chart.
  • Newsletters received a completely new unsubscribe system.

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