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A new era begins

2 years

Over the past year we have constantly added new features to make our platform a more social place where people can share and discuss their trades. We have collected a lot of information and received extremely helpful feedback from the community. With today’s update we made some drastic improvements to our platform:

Automatically copy traders

It is no longer possible to copy individual trading ideas. Instead we switched to a user-based system where traders can be automatically copied with a fixed amount. We are extremely excited about this change since it allows successful users to build a stable followership easier than ever before. By utilizing our traditional reward system for copied trades you can efficiently monetize your knowledge and experience.


A beautiful new profile page

Obviously the profile page is one of the most important things for a social trading platform. With this in mind, we put a lot of love and time into a complete redesign. With the help of beautiful charts it now gives an insight into the trader’s monthly performance, followership and trading style. A custom profile picture and an “about me” text makes it possible to present yourself to your potential copiers.


Notification system

Our new notification system will always keep you up-to-date. Important events like when someone copies you or a deposit gets credited to your account will be prominently displayed.


BTC/USD and the allocated funds

One of the more frustrating things on our platform is the “All allocated funds are used ...” error message when trying the enter the BTC/USD market; we know! Especially in times of high volatility it is important to know if you can enter the market beforehand. While we cannot fix the root issue (see our previous blog post), we added basic information to the market details page. It shows the percentage of our allocated funds in use.


We also made dozens of minor improvements and fixes with this update. Here is a list of the most noticeable ones:

  • Improved and minimized UI on the support page.
  • It’s now easier to navigate to the own profile page.
  • Hovering a Bitcoin amount with the mouse will now show the full precision amount.
  • Enabled CDN caching for all static pages. This reduces the page loading times by up to 90%.
  • Improved visuals when a comment is deleted.
  • Fixed a bug where nothing is displayed when the own comment is deleted from your trading idea.
  • Moved from HTTP 302 to HTTP 301 redirects to activate browser-level caching.
  • Completely redesigned the landing page of the trading panel.
  • Improved the size of some buttons on mobile devices.
  • Increased maximum AFK detection time from 15 to 30 minutes.
  • Fixed bug where exchange rate toggle button is not displayed on mobile devices.
  • Fixed issue with spinner buttons in currency input fields on Firefox.
  • Renamed “Open Price” to “Entry Price” across the interface for consistency reasons.
  • The “current price” in the HTML title is now properly formatted as a fixed decimal string.
  • Use Math.floor instead of round in UI for currency amounts to avoid mysterious “insufficient funds” error.
  • Multiple performance improvements and cleanup of unused code.


PS: Today Cloudflare announced that they were affected by a serious bug where sensitive information was leaked in some cases. We carefully analyzed the technical details of this issue and can announce that 1Broker was not affected. Nevertheless, this is a good reminder to use secure and unique passwords and to enable two-factor authentication whenever possible. 

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