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New trading interface

5 years
Our redesigned interface is now live! We hope, it greatly improves the trading experience for all customers. It was built on top of the (self-proclaimed) superheroic MVW framework AngularJS.

Goodbye Master Key.

5 years
The Master Key system was removed with today's update. There were several reasons for this decision. The most important one is that we think smsTAN is a far more secure system, while it is less confusing and much easier to use. We recommend anyone to enable this feature. It's completely free.

No more privacy concerns with smsTAN:
To make smsTAN, our two-factor authentication system for withdrawals, even more attractive, we now encrypt all phone numbers with the account password. For encryption we use the Rijndael algorithm (AES) with a 128 Bit key. This means that your phone number remains private even if our systems are compromised. If you are already using smsTAN your account will be automatically upgraded to the new system once you perform a withdrawal.

Redundant SMS gateway:
We noticed that sending SMS messages is far from stable and often fails for unknown reasons. Therefore we now use two independent gateway providers to make smsTAN more reliable. If SMS messages are not received properly, you can switch to an alternative gateway in the account settings.

BTC/USD and new order types!

5 years
We are happy to announce that the BTC/USD contract is back. Trading will open in the next 24 hours. We fundamentally changed our market making algorithm which should now make price manipulation very difficult. Additionally we algorithmically check for suspicious correlations between trading behaviour and the underlying market.

We also introduced an interest system on the BTC/USD market which should lead to a balance of long and short positions and reduce our risks for this market.

You can find all information about the new BTC/USD contract here.

New order types
Our implementation of Limit and Stop-Buy orders is finally done, too. These new order types will greatly improve the possibility to open positions at a desired price.

There is also a new favicon and an improved UI to open positions.

Happy trading!

Platform update (March 2013)

5 years

SMS-based two-factor authentication

We are always striving to continually improve the security of our customers and we are happy to announce the implementation of smsTAN, our two-factor SMS authentication system for all customers. We hope this will give you piece of mind whilst improving your user experience and security. Once you have enabled this system it will send you a private code via SMS text when a withdrawal is requested. This keeps you safe in the unlikely event your log-in credentials are compromised. You can enable this feature in your account settings, for no additional costs.

Other things that were updated:

- Multiple visual improvements
- Updated the Terms of Service
- Login is now possible with the email address too
- Added some frequently asked questions
- Dozens of minor bug fixes

We are currently working on lot's of other cool new features, like Stop-Loss/Limit orders and new markets. But this takes a few more weeks...

Thanks for using 1Broker.

BTCUSD market closing

5 years
Dear customers,
With much regret we have to announce that we will temporarily close the BTC/USD (Symbol: BTCUSD) market. A user successfully demonstrated the possibility to win constantly on our platform by moving the underlying market. This problem was known but thought to be not profitable because of position limits, market fees, and spreads. This issue is, with our current system, not trivial to fix and as a result we are forced to close this market. All opened positions on BTCUSD will be automatically closed on Tuesday March 12th, 6 p.m. UTC. Of course you can also close your positions manually until this time.

Since 85% of all trades were made on BTCUSD this is a backlash for 1Broker, but in the interest of our users and their funds there is no way around this decision. We are currently thinking of new strategies with this CFD, but we cannot guarantee a solution yet. We hope you enjoy trading on our other 14 markets, in the future.

Stability improvements

5 years
We now have a redundant price server system which will improve the stability of our trading engine a lot.

There is also a new status page available, where you can see information about our infrastructure and known issues.


5 years
We are now on Twitter, too. @1BrokerCom

Christmas Update

6 years
During the last weeks the platform received new features nearly every day. Today 1Broker got its biggest update since launch. You can now trade on some exciting new markets:

- BTC/USD (tradeable 24/7)

- Facebook Inc.
- Microsoft Corp.

- S&P 500

We also listened to the community and tried to improve things which got criticized a lot:
- The real identity of exxe (owner of 1Broker) is now known by various people including
  theymos, the admin of bitcointalk.org. It is now impossible to steal funds from our customers
  without facing legal consequences.
- Improved the SSL Certificate.
- Updated the security page which now contains much more information and looks much cooler.


6 years
We are very excited to announce that 1Broker is now open to the public. We hope you have a wonderful time on our website and enjoy trading on this platform.

If you encounter a problem, find a bug, want a new feature or just want to talk with us, please contact us.

Happy trading!

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