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Code refactoring and other minor changes

4 semanas

The latest update brought some minor improvements. Here is the detailed changelog:

  • New fields for position history CSV export.
  • Major internal code refactoring.
  • Renamed user/transaction_log to user/transactions and updated the response to include payload. We also renamed some transaction types.
  • New API call copy_trader/list which lists all traders you copy and your copy settings.
  • Added order_id to position/get API call return.
  • Minimum withdrawal amount set to 0.0001 BTC.

Internal code refactoring brings performance improvements

2 meses

Due to a major internal code refactoring, the update from last night brought performance improvements and a few minor changes. Here is the detailed changelog:

  • Copied traders list is now sorted alphabetical by username.
  • All API error codes are now meaningful strings instead of numbers.
  • Improved Two-Factor Authentication reset logic.
  • Fixed an interface bug in transaction log.
  • URLs in API documentation are now clickable.
  • Fixed a bug where overnight financing charges were applied to positions that were opened shortly after 17:00 (New York time).
  • Moved the API call user/quota_status to quota/status and added some field to its return object.
  • New paragraph on help page for unauthorized access.


Updated security system and transaction log

2 meses

We updated our security system similar to 1Fox: now it is possible to request a Two Factor Authentication reset in the settings menu of your 1Broker account. Since today, you can also filter your transaction log by type of transaction. We also refurbished our Newsletter. For further changes, here is the detailed change log:

  • New API call: position/get.php to get position details for a specific ID.
  • New security system.
  • Email notification on login from new IP address.
  • Resend SMS button appears after 30 seconds next to your smsTAN input field.

SegWit and API Changes

3 meses

On Sunday May 20th 2018, we will upgrade our Bitcoin wallet infrastructure to be fully SegWit compatible. Unfortunately, this requires that all deposit addresses will change and transactions to old addresses will no longer be credited. If you send funds to and old address by accident, we will manually credit your deposit upon your request.

SegWit, among other things, increases the available space for transactions per block and makes second-layer solutions, like the Lightning network, possible.

By adding 1Broker to this new wallet infrastructure, transactions between 1Fox and 1Broker will be instant and with virtually no fees. Withdrawals to regular addresses will be charged with a floating transaction fee that is updated every hour depending on the required Bitcoin network fees. This floating fee will be much lower than the previous fixed fee we used.

After this upgrade it will also be possible to send Bitcoin transactions to the new alternative address format called Bech32.


API Changes

With this update we will update our API to version 2.2 that includes the following changes:

  • The user/bitcoin_deposit_address.php method will be removed and replaced by a new user/deposit.php method.
  • deposits_unconfirmed field was removed from the user/overview.php method.
  • deposits_pending field was renamed to pending_deposits in user/details.php.
  • A new position/get.php method will return position details for a single position - works for open and closed positions.

You can find the details about these API methods in the API documentation after the update.

Warning: Never let others trade on your behalf!

4 meses

We are observing multiple communities that attract new investors by claiming to trade on behalf of them and promise stable returns. Investors are asked to transfer Bitcoin and are often kept updated solely via screenshots. We strongly advice against participating in such schemes for the following reasons:

  • We offer a Copy Trader system that allows to copy another trader without needing to send Bitcoin directly.
  • The "trusted" trader could lose your investment or disappear at any time.
  • Screenshots and other account information can be manipulated and investors have no possibiliby to find out how their investment is really performing.
  • The "trusted" trader's account can be overtaken by hackers due to weak knowledge of IT security.


The case of ZiangFaith

A few days ago, we received multiple messages asking us about the account ZaingFaith. We also received more than five emails from different addresses claiming to be the legit account owner and stating that the email address used for 1Broker has been overtaken by an attacker. Later we found out that this account was used to trade on behalf of multiple investors (see above).

We immediately blocked this account to avoid further damages. Unfortunately and although best efforts, we were not able to find out who the original account owner is and therefore decided to transfer the account to Christine Benedicto, a participant/victim, who helped us in this process in the past days. She has a much better insight into this community and it will be her responsibility to act in the best interest of this trading group. Withdrawals are locked until we receive the confirmation from Christine and other members of the community.

Since multiple investors are affected by this incident, it is our responsibility to share some basic information of this account:

Remaining BTC Balance
(as of April 29th, 2018) 

~0.05 BTC

Two-Factor Authentication

not enabled


Email Address Changes

Date Action

IP Address

March 23, 2018 11:18:44 (UTC) Account creation with email quinnalvip@gmail.com


April 23, 2018 13:31:53 (UTC) Email address has been changed from quinnalvip@gmail.com to kingalvip@gmail.com


April 25, 2018 05:07:12 (UTC) Email address has been changed from kingalvip@gmail.com to isafe09@gmail.com




Date BTC Address IP Address
March 29, 2018 02:46:43 (UTC) 0.03 BTC to 39rfKbeQCQMQnMwbabjQFvP7jfN1AwyCPN  49.149.68.*
  skipping 4 similar  
April 07, 2018 02:40:47 (UTC) 0.27212309 BTC to 3NiZHfURy5VDcvCbRPxNHtmehbDLd89d64 112.198.73.*
April 08, 2018 04:04:32 (UTC) 0.17 BTC to 368THJPUzmpWqQ3aim4zpAsHGRiesEdumt 112.198.73.*
April 09, 2018 03:59:48 (UTC) 0.35451784 BTC withdrawn to 368THJPUzmpWqQ3aim4zpAsHGRiesEdumt 112.198.73.*
  skipping 12 similar  
April 23, 2018 18:40:08 (UTC) 0.001 BTC to 18iGBLwxYVWSff4D7KgY49EKTRw3CTiGsg 49.149.77.*
April 24, 2018 12:26:47 (UTC) 0.33339768 BTC to 3BH6uS6tXC8SNEGYQE3U8b7ATtS1pW6oMi 49.149.74.*
April 25, 2018 03:07:17 (UTC) 0.17947408 BTC to 3BH6uS6tXC8SNEGYQE3U8b7ATtS1pW6oMi 49.149.74.*


Deposited Total 4.87388999 BTC
Withdrawn Total 4.64962498 BTC
Total profit/loss of trades about -0.17 BTC

Dropbox and Spotify stocks have been added for trading!

4 meses

Today we added Dropbox Inc. and Spotify Technology S.A. stocks for trading! We also increased the maximum leverages for Dow Jones 30 industrial and DAX (Germany 30) from 20 to 50.

Index Old leverage New leverage
DAX (Germany 30) 20 50
Dow Jones 30 20 50

Join our Telegram group!

5 meses

In the past months we primarily focused on our new cryptocurrency trading platform 1fox.com. Today we finally deployed some upgrades for 1Broker again. The most notable change is our new official Telegram group - we hope to see you there!

Here is the full changelog:

  • Replaced captcha system with Google’s reCaptcha for a better protection against password guessing bots.
  • Replaced some PNG icons with vector graphics.
  • Fixed vertical position of select input fields.
  • New notification when an order/position is rolled over to the next underlying future market.
  • New notification when a refund/payment/donation is credited.
  • Fixed an issue where values in the UI were rounded differently than in our backend (seemingly leading to incorrect order executions)
  • Performance improvements for many methods like fetching the transaction history.
  • Better visual representation for phone-number input fields.
  • Dozens of minor improvements and changes.

BTC/USD is back on 1fox.com!

6 meses

Exactly 267 days ago we closed the BTC/USD market on 1Broker. Today, we are happy to announce that BTC/USD trading is back on our brand-new trading platform 1fox.com. Similar to 1Broker, you can open leveraged long and short trades with multiple order types on a minimalist interface. To reimburse you for the long waiting time we have reduced trading fees on 1Fox until March 15th, 2018. In the coming weeks we will also add many new social features that you already know from 1Broker. 

A few hours ago we reached another milestone: The 50,000th trader signed up for 1Broker. We have no words to describe how thankful we are for the interest in our services over the past years! 

PS: We also combined and updated our Terms of Service for both platforms. Make sure to check them out.

Bitcoin Gold claim

7 meses

We believe that our users should benefit from blockchain forks whenever possible. The Bitcoin Gold blockchain proved to be valuable and stable and therefore we added this coin to our "claim"tool: https://1broker.com/trade/#snapshots

On October 24th, 2017, when the Bitcoin Gold fork happened, we snapshotted all account balances (this includes open positions and orders). If you had a positive balance on this day, you can claim this amount with our claim tool by entering a Bitcoin Gold (BTG) address where we can send your funds to.

This is a semi-automatic system, which means that it can take up to 7 days until we make the transaction. You can find this claim tool in the trading interface by toggling the options menu and pressing the "Fork Claims" button.

Bitcoin Gold claims will be possible until March 31st, 2018.

2018 commodity rollover dates

8 meses

The upcoming rollover dates for 2018 have been added for the following commodity markets:

Crude Oil (WTI)

New underlying symbol Date
CLH8 January 19, 2018
CLJ8 February 19, 2018
CLK8 March 19, 2018
CLM8 April 19, 2018
CLN8 May 21, 2018
CLQ8 June 19, 2018
CLU8 July 19, 2018
CLV8 August 20, 2018
CLX8 September 19, 2018
CLZ8 October 19, 2018
CLF9 November 16, 2018
CLG9 December 18, 2018


Natural Gas (NG)

New underlying symbol Date
NGH8 January 26, 2018
NGJ8 February 23, 2018
NGK8 March 26, 2018
NGM8 April 25, 2018
NGN8 May 28, 2018
NGQ8 June 26, 2018
NGU8 July 26, 2018
NGV8 August 28, 2018
NGX8 September 25, 2018
NGZ8 October 26, 2018
NGF9 November 27, 2018
NGG9 December 26, 2018


Copper (HG)

New underlying symbol Date
HGK8 February 26, 2018
HGN8 April 26, 2018
HGU8 June 27, 2018
HGZ8 August 29, 2018

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