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Live charts and CSV/PDF exports

2 años

With today's update we added live charts and PDF/CSV exporting functionality to our trading panel. Both of these features were requested extremely often in the last months. Additionally, this is the first time we publish a detailed changelog of what has changed with an update. We hope that this gives you a better insight of our development process in the future.

Here is the complete changelog:

  • PDF/CSV exports for position/history.
  • Added live chart in market details.
  • Added sortable trading-ideas and popular-traders view.
  • Added paging functionality to historic trades on profile pages.
  • Added 15min OHLC bars to the API and enabled them for the day chart.
  • Minimized and improved Email template. It’s responsive now!
  • Fixed “ghost” clicks on touch devices when hiding the sidebar.
  • Removed cursor data from pageable API requests and adapted the affected response objects.
  • Added dividend calculator and overview for upcoming dividend payments.
  • Added decimals field to market/details API.
  • Added CSS transition for “reconnect-to-server” dialog.
  • Renamed Open, High, Low, Close to O, H, L, C in chart.
  • Fixed width inconsistencies for long/short buttons.
  • Fixed several typos across the trading interface.
  • Changed the market data resolution to 15 minutes for "day" charts.
  • Fixed issue in charts, where data wouldn’t load properly after reloading.
  • Selecting a time period in a chart will now display an exact time interval instead of showing a set amount of values.
  • Fixed a bug that caused some candles in OHLC display to disappear.

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