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Risk indicator - May Update

1 año

You may have noticed that we introduced a risk indicator for traders a few days ago. In the past, our "successful traders" list ranked users by their profit/loss in ascending order. This incentivized some users to make high-risk trades, which lead to dramatic losses for their copiers. Our new risk calculation is now included in the ranking algorithm for the successful traders list and we hope that this improves the situation.

As always, our primary goal was simplicity and transparency:
The risk level for one trade is the profit/loss percentage divided by the amount of days this particular trade was open. The risk indicator calculation uses the average risk level of all shared and closed trades for the specified duration (usually "this month"). This has the pleasant side effect that trades that were open for a very long time are treated equally to trades that were open for shorter durations. Therefore, our risk indicator estimates how fast your copied positions would have risen or fallen in value. In general, keep in mind that past performance in not a reliable indicator of future performance. We chose the following risk categorization:

Risk 1
Very low

The profit/loss of closed positions changed by less than 2% per day on average.

Risk 2

The profit/loss of closed positions changed by less than 4% per day on average.

Risk 3

The profit/loss of closed positions changed by less than 8% per day on average.

Risk 4

The profit/loss of closed positions changed by less than 16% per day on average.

Risk 5
Very high 

The profit/loss of closed positions changed by more than 16% per day on average.


Our update also introduced a lot of other improvements and bug fixes:

  • Darkened unchecked checkboxes to improve visibility.
  • Fixed a crash when the detail view of a position is displayed while the position gets closed by the trading engine.
  • Removed fade-in effect from alert dialog to improve UI speed.
  • Added information about how performance and other values are calculated to profile info dialog.
  • Fixed issue on login page where captcha has to be solved twice when 2FA is enabled.
  • Refactored and improved the chart classes. (No visible changes)
  • Added API calls for position/shared/get, social/profile_statistics and social/profile_trades.
  • API returns the original Stop Loss and Take Profit values for copied positions now.
  • Open positions are now ordered by date_created in ascending order instead of descending order in the API.
  • Added trailing stop loss field to open positions list in the user/overview.php API method.
  • Changed overnight financing charge values of market/details API to a percentage value.
  • Updated API documentation accordingly.
  • Fixed several typos and spelling mistakes.


Android app:

  • Updated mobile version to latest stable interface build.

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