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Stability improvements

5 años
We now have a redundant price server system which will improve the stability of our trading engine a lot.

There is also a new status page available, where you can see information about our infrastructure and known issues.


5 años
We are now on Twitter, too. @1BrokerCom

Christmas Update

5 años
During the last weeks the platform received new features nearly every day. Today 1Broker got its biggest update since launch. You can now trade on some exciting new markets:

- BTC/USD (tradeable 24/7)

- Facebook Inc.
- Microsoft Corp.

- S&P 500

We also listened to the community and tried to improve things which got criticized a lot:
- The real identity of exxe (owner of 1Broker) is now known by various people including
  theymos, the admin of bitcointalk.org. It is now impossible to steal funds from our customers
  without facing legal consequences.
- Improved the SSL Certificate.
- Updated the security page which now contains much more information and looks much cooler.


5 años
We are very excited to announce that 1Broker is now open to the public. We hope you have a wonderful time on our website and enjoy trading on this platform.

If you encounter a problem, find a bug, want a new feature or just want to talk with us, please contact us.

Happy trading!

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