1 year ago

Dear customers,
With much regret we have to announce that we will temporarily close the BTC/USD (Symbol: BTCUSD) market. A user successfully demonstrated the possibility to win constantly on our platform by moving the underlying market. This problem was known but thought to be not profitable because of position limits, market fees, and spreads. This issue is, with our current system, not trivial to fix and as a result we are forced to close this market. All opened positions on BTCUSD will be automatically closed on Tuesday March 12th, 6 p.m. UTC. Of course you can also close your positions manually until this time.

Since 85% of all trades were made on BTCUSD this is a backlash for 1Broker, but in the interest of our users and their funds there is no way around this decision. We are currently thinking of new strategies with this CFD, but we cannot guarantee a solution yet. We hope you enjoy trading on our other 14 markets, in the future.

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